Laünch Crüe hosts NAR sanctioned NRC launches.  These launches are open to all to attend and sport fly, but you must be a NAR member to enter the NRC competition.  These launches are generally held in conjunction with a monthly sport launch.  See calendar and contact us for times and to ensure an NRC launch is still on.

In addition to the sanctioned NRC launches, our club hosts an annual contest known as Crüe Fest.  This contest is administered using the current NAR Sporting Code and features all of the current year’s NRC events, plus an additional event or two.  This two day event features a contest, sport and high power flying, as well as an evening social event on Saturday night at the launch site.

Click here for a link to the United States Model Rocket Sporting Code.

Click here for a link to the current National Scoreboard.


April 6-7, 2024


1/2A Helicopter Duration

1/2A Parachute Duration

A Rocket Glider Duration

B Egg Lofting Altitude

B Payload Altitude

B Streamer Duration

Open Spot Landing